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Surrendering to your Thorn

Originally written May 30, 2017 As I dropped her off today I couldn't help but be overwhelmed at the beauty of it all.  How suffering can turn into rejoicing.  How sorrow can turn into dancing.  How pain can heal and leave beautiful scars worth their weight in gold. You see this month Gena, my oldest, graduated from college and is starting a new job today at a Marketing Firm as their Photography and Graphic Design Intern.  Would seem that this is a normal occurrence.  One to be proud of, but why am I overwhelmed at the beauty of it?  Because 14 years ago, I was staring at my then 6 year old Gena, paralyzed from the chest down due to a car accident she got into with my Mom.  The girl on the bed is my then 2 year old, Sophie.  She was unharmed in the accident.  This is what I would stare at for 2 more months in that hospital.  Every day wondering, why her?  Why not me?  The questions flooded our minds and the sorrow set in hard.   There was little that could have soothed me

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