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Waving good-bye as the bus drives away

Another school shooting!  Another day hugging my kids hard, praying my anxious prayers of safety, hoping they’ll come home today.
The shooting last month in Parkland, Florida ended in 17 people dead.  This latest shooting in Maryland ended in 1 student dead, one injured and the shooter killed by school security.    These two boys saw no other way to soothe their demons than to walk into a school and kill.  Broken, confused and hurting kids.
How do we patrol such a population?  How do we know who will walk into a school with a gun or other weapon tomorrow?
There has been so much debate over this.  You’ve seen and heard it.  You and I have possibly been involved in a post or two on social media.  Maybe you are attending the march in Washington, have sent letters to local government offices, made phone calls?  All valid ways to vent, express anger and attempt to effect change or action.  But don’t we find ourselves, no matter where we fall on the issues, frustrated at the lack of answers, ch…

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